Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bat Tree Sat Dee

Oh my. What a week, I've been busy as fuck painting up the house so I haven't had time at all to get online D: it's going really well, and the plus side is I still have flu so I can't smell the paint : D Happy days.

Anyway, I've woken up early today, hmph, so it's blogging hour ( 7am) yes folks there is a 7 am on a Saturday.... Who'd of thunk it.

So I'm spend about an hour or so on here and do my bit before slinking off down to buy more paint. I do wish that I lived with people right now, I reallly fancy a brew but can't be arsed tpo get out pf the warm bed.

Go make me a cuppa tea, please? ^_^

Ooh can we all buy mopeds? For two reasons really, I need a new hairdryer and this:

Have a lovely Saturday